Retrieve in a few minutes
all the untapped contacts
in the mailboxes of your team.

anaba for Outlook® automatically analyzes email signatures to complete
and update your contact database.

300+ VSEs & SMEs trust us

Why anaba?

Make the most of
from your existing contacts

All these qualified contacts, with whom you have already exchanged, are now accessible and exploitable

Generate new

Contact your customers as soon as they change companies to promote your services in their new structure.

Maximize the impact
of your communications

Increase your chances of reaching your target when you communicate (newsletters, mail, events, etc.)

A simple & powerful solution
for a complete, up-to-date and shared contact database

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Simply retrieve up to several years of history

anaba analyses the emails you have received over the past months or years to extract all the information.
Your contact database is created in a few minutes.

Say goodbye to manual entry of new contacts

anaba is constantly reviewing information to create new contacts, or update existing ones.
Your contact database is growing automatically day by day.

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A shared contact database, available in your daily tools

Your contacts are instantly available on your fixed and mobile devices and in the tools you choose to synchronize.

anaba makes your life easier

Daily scan
of your mailbox

Analysis of your contacts' business changes

Checking the validity
of email addresses

Automatic deletion
of duplicates

Business card scanner
and mobile application

Outlook Contact integrations, CRM and emailing solutions.

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Concrete results for our customers!

+439 new contacts

This is the result obtained on average
per user

+14% of sales

By sending out reminders to former customers forgotten at the bottom of their mailboxes.

3 hours per week

Earned by our users on the entry and update of contacts

anaba has changed our lives!
We have doubled the size of our contact base, only thanks to our email history.
Hugo de Pablo Vicens - Architect and International Development Manager - Ferrier Marchetti Studio
Before anaba, we only had 30% of our customer contacts. Today we are approaching 100%!
Martial Leblanc - Director - APEF Services

The security of your data is a priority

Confidentiality of your emails

We analyze only the headers and signature blocks of your emails. Messages are not read.

Role and Access

You can very simply make certain contacts confidential and manage the access rights of your users.

Your data is your property

We do not exploit them, and use the best technologies on the market to secure them.

Any questions?

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